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Virtual Art Classes

Storygalorey classes conveniently delivered to you virtually. You provide the supplies, I'll provide the instructions.


June Art Classes

I'm sorry; we are sold out for June 15-19, but you can still grab a virtual class or sign up for a week of art in July! 


July Art Classes

I'm sorry; we are sold out for July 13-17, but you can still grab a virtual class or watch for the sign up for this fall!


What is Storygalorey?

Storygalorey is an extracurricular art class designed to help your child enjoy great picture books and create book-related art.

My name is Jennifer Woodard, and I am passionate about encouraging your child's natural love of creating. Storygalorey gives your child an hour and a half of learning, art instruction and art creation. Storygalorey gives you time to do what you love and need to do, while they do what they love and need to do. Win-win!

What Your Kids Need

Your creative, art-loving children often need more time pursuing art than you have the time or inclination to give them. Sometimes you worry that  creativity is the last priority week after week, when you know it would really help your kids to make something they are proud of, to become absorbed in a project that sustains their attention, and to do an activity that boosts their problem solving skills. 
I can help you!

I offer virtual, story-based art classes, where you and your kids can watch the video instruction whenever and wherever it works best for you. I also offer once a week extracurricular story-based art classes for preschool and elementary aged children throughout the school year, art parties, and week-long summer art camps. 

"Jennifer offers such creative ways for kids to connect with great children's literature and art! Reading and creating - what a great combination! "

Radonna F.

"Jennifer is one of the best and most loving teachers I have ever met. She brings the best out of my kids ability to imagine and display their imagination on a canvas. Our kids love her and after meeting her you will too."

Erik R.

"I love how she reads to them and inspires the children to create art like the illustrations from the children’s book!"

Sarah R.

"We just did a Jackson Pollock project and it was amazing! I was really hesitant to start it and feeling discouraged. But we started it and it brought so much joy to our day! It’s true if you bring creation and creativity Into your daily rhythm, it is truly life-giving! Thank you so much for providing that opportunity and encouraging us to take part! The kids said it was the funnest art they’ve ever done :-) "

Denae G.

"Thank you for being an amazing art teacher and friend! My Grandma and I love all you have done to teach me!"


"I love going to your house and being in your art class. Your ideas are really creative and inspirational."


"My girls are looking forward to it! My daughter just said Storygalorey is better than a toy!"

Lauren S.

"Storygalorey is FABULOUS! A creative, fun and playful way to get kids exposed to high quality literature and art! My kids are so proud of the art they've created and they are enthusiastic about sharing their experience. Without them realizing it, they are learning new skills, tapping into their imagination and thinking creatively...I love it when learning is fun!!! I give Storygalorey TEN STARS!"

Jen W.

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Kids love being creative in a relaxed, accepting atmosphere where we are all about having fun as we learn. Discover why so many kids and parents love Storygalorey classes!


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